Indoor Pistol League

The indoor pistol league starts in early January and runs for 10 weeks. There is an awards dinner at the end. Each week consist of 48 shots with a perfect score of 480. The match consists of 3 stages. The first stage is 12 shots in 30 seconds; stage 2 is 24 shots in 90 seconds. Stage 2 is 4 positions. First position is sitting, second position is kneeling, third position is weak hand off of a barrier and the fourth position is strong hand off of the barrier. The third stage is 12 shots in 20 seconds.  We shoot at a silhouette target.

DC Fair Wildlife Exhibit

Each year the club sponsors the wildlife exhibit at the fair. Members work and set up the exhibit each year. They start in the spring cleaning the exhibit and doing all necessary repairs. During the fair members take turns manning the booth to thank people for coming, answering questions and thanking them for their donations.

New Member Orientation

All new members are required to go through an orientation meeting. Rules of the club are gone over, use of the ranges, and requirements of being a member. All new members are required to shoot to show proficiency in gun handling.

Timber Management/Firewood

The woods on club property are managed as a working tree farm. Firewood is cut each year and sold to the members. The trees that are cut are cull trees that would not make good logs to be sold as timber and to thin the woods so the good trees have room to grow.

Junior Members

The club has a junior members program for children of the members. They meet the third Sunday each month. Activities include shooting, fishing, canoeing, rock hounding and other outdoor pursuits.

Hunter Education

Several times a year the club host the New York State DEC Hunter education program.  Please check the DEC calendar for registration information.